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Legacy Letter

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The Greatest Letter You'll Ever Write

We'll Equip You to Write an Impactful, Lasting Legacy Letter...Before It's Too Late. 

Paul Keatts

​We Will Walk You Thru Each Step of the Legacy Letter Writing Process

A Step-By-Step Digital Workbook 

Example Letters

Includes Live Workshop Every Month

Use the code "keatts" to make it free! 

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Use the code "keatts" to make it free! 

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In a heartbeat, my snorkeling excursion with my father in Hawaii transformed into an unimaginable nightmare.

Witnessing my once-strong father battling for survival in the treacherous waters, I fought desperately to rescue him.

Despite my relentless efforts, we tragically lost him. Back in the condo later that day a wave of shock and despair washed over me. Overwhelmed by the weight of uncertainty, I sat on the edge of the bed, grappling with the profound sense of hopelessness.  It was in that moment my mom appeared in the doorway, saying she had found something in my dad's briefcase for me. It was a letter. 

This heartfelt message was everything it needed as gave me strength, hope and direction.

Now, we want YOU to take advantage of every secret we've discovered to write an amazing Legacy Letter, connect with your children on a deeper level, help them reach their potential and become an even a better parent than you are!


Create a letter that clearly and succinctly communicates your heart and thoughts to your family

​Build your children's confidence

Help your children reach their full potential

​​Tell your children exactly what they want to hear from you

​Help your children overcome their failures

Sleep easy at night knowing that no matter what happens to you, your children will have your lasting voice

Make it 100% clear what you think about your children and what they need to do to make you proud

​Be the HERO for children that they already believe you  to be

Blake has gathered some of the tried tested insights from letter writing that I have used over the past 32 years, working with men in prison to those at the highest political and corporate levels... but what makes Blake unique is that he has honed and focused those insights into a course that helps dads as they leave a legacy.

Blake's personal testimony not only validates this approach but it will give you a boost as a parent. 


I heartily endorse his program and work.

Ken Canfield


National Institute of Fathering


The Tested And Proven System So You Can Win.

Like All Moms and Dads, You Want To Help Your Children Reach Their Full Potential And Be Successful In Life.  You Want To Be A Good Parent. This Is How You Do It.

The Legacy Writing Method is our Proprietary Process That is Segmented Into 3 Key Sections

We'll help you...

Julie Miles

Leadership Coach

Milestone Coaching

Blake and Amanda are absolutely one of my favorite couples.  I admire them for how intentional they are with their sweet family.


I am so excited for the release of  the Legacy Letter Challenge for Moms.   I've been waiting for this!

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Tim Delaney

VP Digital Marketing

Arizona Cardinals

I am very grateful for Blake and the Legacy Letter Challenge. Blake helped me craft a letter that expressed to my girls how I feel about them along with some good life advice.

James Reid

Founder & CEO | International Performance, Mental Game, & Life Strategist

It just makes so much sense. And to have a blueprint to write this letter is priceless. 

I'm being the dad to my children that my dad wasn't for me. 

Anthony Trucks


American Ninja Warrior

It just makes so much sense. And to have a blueprint to write this letter is priceless. 

I'm being the dad to my children that my dad wasn't for me. 

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