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Legacy Letter


What is Legacy Letter Phoenix?

  • A Legacy Letter is transformational for individuals to write and for the individual who receives one 

  • When a company or organization partners with us to write their Legacy Letter  it’s transformational for the company.

  • What if a whole city participates in the Legacy Letter Challenge?  The entire city is changed.

Feb 05, 2024, 8:00 AM

How does a business participate Legacy Letter Challenge PHX

When businesses become members of the Impact Club, we will help their employees define their legacy to their children through writing a Legacy Letter.

Businesses who partner with Legacy Letter PHX experience a host of benefits.  As employees write their Legacy Letters, they will see growth in emotional intelligence, hope, family relationships and in their attitudes towards work and dynamics with coworkers.


Walmart Leadership


What is Legacy Letter Impact Club?

  • Leaders who believe in this mission and are committed to use their influence and resources to grow the movement in Phoenix. 

  • We are looking for Founding Members of the Legacy Letter Impact Club. 

  • Founding Members will be the first to have their organizations write their Legacy Letters.



Become a Founding Member


Bring Legacy Letter Challenge to Your Business


Grow the Movement

How to
Get Involved

Join Legacy Letter Phoenix Founder's Club

Our Founder's Club will help us get 10,000 letters in the first year.


One time


$1,500  - Founder's Club.  (Some have asked for the option to do more so have left that option open.)  



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