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You Can Have A Winning Culture. 

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Create a culture that your employees never want to leave 

and that everyone wants to be a part of. 

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Personally, this is one the best things I’ve done in my life. 
That’s why I wanted my team to do it together. They had a phenomenal experience that bonded and united them. Writing their letters together took their relationships to a new level.
Because of its initial success we are now using the Legacy Letter Challenge with other teams that are all having similar results.

Justen Traweek


Vice President

What is YourLegacy?

YourLegacy is an employee wellness program that can be utilized in a number of different ways.  Provide your employees with the online Masterclass so they can write their Legacy Letter at their own pace. 


We can lead your teams in a multiple session private group or a one session workshop for a team bonding exercise.

The Legacy Letter Story

Founder, Blake Brewer

"If you take care of your employees, 

they will take care of your business."

Richard Branson

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"When you take care of your client's family, 
everything else takes care of itself."

 John Ruhlin


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  • How do you suggest we give it to our clients?
    Many advisors present it as a gift and some advisors present it as a program or experience they are offering their clients. You can show them your landing page during your client review. We'll give you a PDF handout to present to your clients.
  • What goes into the letter that our clients will write?
    During the 10 step process we'll guide them through different sections of the letter. There is a section on I love, I'm proud of you, I believe in you. There is a section on advice to navigate. Another section is on how to apologize well. I help parents think through which memories they want to include in the letter.
  • How long does it take for someone to go through your program?
    Each lesson includes a 10 minute (or shorter) video. Someone could go through the program in a weekend. The average parent takes about a month to really think through their letter and finish it.
  • What if we have more than one advisor in our office?
    The client package is sold by advisor and by book of business. If you have a special situation or if every advisor in your office wants to purchase, please contact
  • How soon will my landing page be live?
    Once you purchase, you'll have a form to fill out where you can submit your picture, logo, and coupon code. Once we have that you should expect about a week.
  • Can you come speak to my group?
    Yes! I can come to your location and speak to your clients.
  • What If I Don't Think I Have Time To Write My Letter Right Now?
    No problem! After you sign up, you'll have access to the course forever. AND you'll lock in the current price.
  • My Spouse Also Wants To Write A Letter To Our Children. Do We Have To Purchase Twice?
    Absolutely not! Enrollment in either Masterclass gets your spouse lifetime access to the other one as well so that you can each write your Legacy Letters.
  • Why Is There One Course For Dads And One Course For Moms?
    The letters are similar BUT there are lessons specific to each parent to help them prepare to write their letter.

Endorsement from


Ken Canfield


National Institute of Fathering

Blake has gathered some of the tried tested insights from letter writing that I have used over the past 32 years, working with men in prison to those at the highest political and corporate levels... but what makes Blake unique is that he has honed and focused those insights into a course that helps dads as they leave a legacy.

Blake's personal testimony not only validates this approach but it will give you a boost as a parent. 


I heartily endorse his program and work.

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