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The Greatest Letter Your Clients Will Ever Write

We'll help you serve your clients at a higher level so that you can build more trust...and faster.

10x IPS Training
​Hosted by Ben Beshear

Guest Speaker: Blake Brewer

June 26th, 2024

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to equip 1 million dads and moms write at least one well written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter.

When You Partner With Us....

It's a win for your clients and it's a win for you.

  • Impact:  Change the destiny of your clients family. 

  • Unique Value Add: No one else in your community will be utilizing Legacy Letter. 

  • Build Trust: “The trust we have in people and in organizations comes, in part, from believing that they do care.” Stephen M.R. Covey

  • Pays for Itself

We'll Help Your Clients Write Their Legacy Letter...


And You Get the Credit.

*Your Clients Will Have Full Access* 10 Step Online Video Course + Monthly Live Workshops

Each section of the letter has a 5-10 min video explaining the WHY and the HOW. 

  • Preparing Your Heart & Mind: We help parents think through their vison for their family.

  • ​Advice Section: What will you tell your children to help them navigate life

  • Affirmation Section: How to affirm your children for who they are, not what they've done.

  • I Love You Section: Unconditional loves brings confidence.

  • ​Apologies and Regrets: No parent is perfect and it shows humility when we admit we came up short at times. 

  • ​Intentional Memories 


Aaron Walker

View From the Top

Good intentions are useless.  When Blake introduced me to the Legacy Letter it allowed me - through his well thought out framework - to share my thoughts in a very succinct manner that made sense. 

Now my girls see how much they mean to me and they no longer have to guess. 

Thank you Blake.


James Reid

Founder & CEO | International Performance, Mental Game, & Life Strategist

This was the most powerful experience I've gone through as a Dad.

Keep going, Blake!

The world needs more Legacy Letters in it!


Mel Abraham

Business Breakthrough Academy

I went through Blake's process and what an amazing experience it was. I found myself closer to my son, my feelings for him, and the fact that now I have this special letter that he can carry with him for the rest of his life. Not only is this such a good thing for a dad to do, I think it is a must!

“One of my favorite Dad’s Got This” Stories

Craig Melvin

As Seen on The Today Show_edited_edited.
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"When you take care of your client's family, everything else takes care of itself."

John Ruhlin


In the Midst of the Great Wealth Transfer...

Let's Invest Together in the Next Generation.


Anthony Trucks

NFL, Ninja Warrior,

Motivational Speaker

"I had Blake on my show and I instantly knew I needed to write my children a Legacy Letter.
It was an amazing experience as we went through it together.

Every dad needs to do this."


Ken Canfield

President & Founder

National Center for Fathering

Blake has gathered some of the tried tested insights from letter writing that I have used over the past 32 years, working with men in prison to those at the highest political and corporate levels... 

But what makes Blake unique is that he has honed and focused those insights into a course that helps dads as they leave a legacy. 


Tim Delaney

AZ Cardinals Vice President,  

Digital Content and Creative


I am very grateful for Blake and the Legacy Letter Challenge. Blake helped me craft a letter that expressed to my girls how I feel about them along with some good life advice.  

I loved be able to give the letters to my girls on each of their birthdays.

How We Got Started

When I was 19 my parents took the family on an amazing trip to Hawaii. On the first day, my dad and I went out snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.


We were having an unbelievable time when, all of a sudden, we got caught up in a rough spot known as Witches Brew.


My father started yelling for help and before I knew it, he was under water. I tried to save him, but I couldn't overpower the water, and he died in my arms.


It went from being one of the best days of my life to the worst.


A few hours later, we were back in the condo and I was trying to make sense of what just happened.  At that moment my mother came into the room and handed me a "gift" from my dad.


I had no idea at the time, but my dad had just finished working on a letter for me and my siblings that he had been working on for several months.  


The words in this letter were exactly what I needed at that time in my life and 19 years later his words and his voice are still leading me and guiding me.

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